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Experience a hot gangbang with

4-5 real Swiss girls!
“We speak Swiss dialect…”
Our girls are all at least
18 years old!
(The age will be checked by the club)
They are slim, beautiful and extremely horny.
4-5 (6 or more at special events) guest girls regularly organize exciting sex parties at Club Saint-Tropez. A true paradise awaits you!
Our party girls offer you
a first-class service!
(Each girl determines her own offer)
Please note:
Traffic without rubber is not possible with us!
Requests are pointless and will lead to immediate blocking!
Each girl decides individually which service she offers and which customers she serves.
The girls reserve the right to expel men who behave inappropriately.
We do not offer transportation without protection (AO service).
Customers who ask or try to do so will be immediately and permanently excluded from all parties!
Our party girls are not professionals, but real Swiss girls aged 18 and over. They are nurses, students, secretaries, sales assistants and more.
They do this for money, but mainly out of pure lust for hot sex and real passion!
You’ll be amazed at what awaits you!
The girls come from all over Switzerland to organize unique and overwhelming sex parties for you.
Be warned: there is a risk of addiction!
Our girls are always happy to see familiar faces who regularly attend our parties and enjoy sex with them.
The hottest parties in Switzerland take place every week on Friday and Saturday, and also during the week if demand is high.
We have individual opening hours on public holidays.
This is how the party works:
The girls welcome you in lingerie, suspenders and high heels or naked.
You can come at any time and stay for several hours.
Enjoy a relaxed and uncomplicated party atmosphere!
The girls take spontaneous breaks as the mood takes them.
We attach great importance to a relaxed, fun and friendly atmosphere.
Breaks are taken spontaneously depending on the action.
Respect for the girls is a prerequisite for all gentlemen. Our girls offer a passionate service and give their all for you.
You will experience top service and a unique atmosphere with us. But the girls don’t lie there all day with their legs spread and their mouths open. Of course, they also allow themselves shower, smoke and cigarette breaks.